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Why does the world hate nerds?

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This is an interesting little essay that I picked up on reference from the weblog of Diane Duane whom I found through GeoURL as being my closest neighbour in cyberspace whom I did not know. Interesting how these things come about.

Anyway, the essay is over personalised but still makes some interesting points about the malformed social play from child to adult. It gives the breakdown of sociological opression that is exerted by different grades of popularity on lower grades in order to increase their own popularity ranking. When you think about it more, the essay starts to ring through as a very accurate and well-founded depiction of popular vs. smart. It is in no way linked to intellect but moreso the application of intellect to further a persons knowledge and smarts. The two dynamic forces that will continually tug away at people until one eventually takes over and then, as Homer Simpson would say, “you have two kinds of people, jocks and nerds”.

Well worth a read Why Nerds are Unpopular

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