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July 2006

Time to Hibernate

This week I finally came to grips with a large amount of Hibernate logic. Still by no means an expert on this new-fangled technology but definitely making progress. For those not in the know, Hibernate is a lightweight framework for database connectivity in Java, replacing the old JDBC type connectivity that gave us all so… Read More »Time to Hibernate

British Nuclear Plan

The British government published it energy review yesterday and sadly it has included the building of nuclear power plants to meet their energy needs. I sincerely hope that all Irish people will rise up in protest against this given the safety record maintained by Sellafield’s reprocessing plant. It’s clear that the level of care and… Read More »British Nuclear Plan


It’s simple to use, simple to get your hands on and simple to share but P2P doesn’t appear that simple when you want to implement it. Don’t get me wrong, the concept is not totally alien to me: Sure I set up a client and it makes itself known to others, possibly advertising a hash… Read More »P2P