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October 2004

The Wedding

Well, Siân and I got married and the whole day was great. I think I managed to keep face with the speech but I’ll have to wait for the video. 🙂 A great day was had by all and just looking forward to the rest of our lives now.

US Voting ‘Glitch’

I laughed yesterday when I heard this; the e-voting machines in the Florida voting area for the presidential election have crashed causing a wee bit of excitement amongst those interested in challenging the outcome of the election. It’s not the first time that something strange has happened in the Florida area. I sincerely hope that… Read More »US Voting ‘Glitch’

The Danger of Phones

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Articles like this are great. Somebody has made a mistake but doesn’t want to tell anyone about it and then the story leaks without all the details making the whole fiasco sound really bad. Anyway the basic story is that NTL are calling upon all phone customers to disconnect their NTL service due to possible… Read More »The Danger of Phones

Google Text

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Google have just announced the release of a new search interface. This time it’s not a Google toolbar type thing but rather the ability to perform searches via text message. It’ll be interesting to see how this one takes off. source: Irish Times Note: Irish Times article may require login

Alas Poor Rodney

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Sadly today marks the passing of a great comic, Rodney Dangerfield. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but as an appreciator of one-liner genius he’s way up there in my opinion. Many movies, shows and guest appearances decorate his career. Including an appearance on The Simpsons as Mr. Burns’ long lost son Larry. I leave… Read More »Alas Poor Rodney

Girls Dig Gadgets!

Interesting snippet about how girls are often mistaken to be non-geeks when the opposite is frequently true. I personally wouldn’t classify it as a revelation given that manufacturers have in the past, released items such as a pink iPod mini. Of course only considering typical tastes here but perhaps this is evidence enough that someone… Read More »Girls Dig Gadgets!