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August 2004

Ireland or Atlantis?

Very interesting story just emmerging from the theory of a Swedish scientist. He claims that the lost land of Atlantis is actually Ireland. His theory based on geographical and historical studies could serve the tourism industry very well. Come to Ireland (formerly the lost island of Atlantis). source:

Time for MS to Stop Copiers

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Looks like a probe has been launched into a rumoured attempt by MS and Time Warner to acquire a digital copyright company, ContentGuard. Seemingly the division of the acquisition is set to be 50/50 but the probe was launched on speculation that this takeover might allow MS to gain substantial weight and dominance in the… Read More »Time for MS to Stop Copiers

Bar Sales Fall

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It appears that bar sales are dropping off in the last 12 months. Much to the joy of all publicans I would imagine, as they now have something else to say that the smoking ban is crippling them. However, off-licence sales are up so maybe it’s not just the smoking ban but that fact that… Read More »Bar Sales Fall

Google IPO Delayed

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The long awaited floatation of Google to the stock market due to happen today has been delayed due to some issue regarding the search giant’s registration statement. Following a torrid few weeks of investigations regarding possible breaches of protocol prior to the float this is just another stumbling block that wasn’t wished for. All going… Read More »Google IPO Delayed

Sinister Day

Yes, today is international left handed day, the most sinister day of the year. 🙂 So greetings to all those who browsed on by with left-handed mouse movements and other such things. It still doesn’t beat international talk like a pirate day (September 19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day). Keep your calendars free… Read More »Sinister Day

Thought for the day

Some day, just some day things might go according to plan. People might embrace the joy of smiling or being polite. Each person will be happy to take on tasks that are handed down rather than pushed on. And some day we might all be treated to a world that doesn’t conform to the sanctuary… Read More »Thought for the day

IFSRA says, “Shop Around”

Yeah, sure, good advice. Where exactly should we shop around? Banks might as well publish overcharging rates instead of interest rates. Car insurance cannot be purchased outside the country (mostly anyway there are very few exceptions I have heard of). Choose any phone provider but pay only one monopoly for your line rental. Get a… Read More »IFSRA says, “Shop Around”

More Overcharging

It’s happened again. Irish consumers have been incorrectly overcharged for services provided to them. This time the case involves the states landline provider. Last week I also heard rumours of a certain mobile provider ‘accidentally’ overcharging people too. What nonsense! The banks tried it and recognised that they were doing it and then repented when… Read More »More Overcharging