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June 2003

IntEgrate not separate

Yet another M$ move to combine IE as the only browser suitable for Windows users. They now plan even more integration with the Windows OS. So much in fact that they are actually stopping the download of IE6 as a standalone browser, so you better rush to get your copy before it’s too late… source:… Read More »IntEgrate not separate

Software Patents contd.

In an earlier posting I ranted about the proposed introduction of software patents. To follow up on this line here’s the viewpoint of the register on the same subject matter source: The Register

Upgrading to 2.64

Just upgraded my MovableType from 2.63 to 2.64 to combat the issues associated with the CSS bug and the XML-RPC issues also. Seamless upgrade and looking forward to more stable blogging.

Leaky Abstractions

Just read this nice little article by Joel Spolsky passed onto me by Mícheál Ó Foghlú. It deals with the evolution of programming abstractions and how they have inadvertently made our lives more difficult by making them easier. It’s one of the best and most concise articles that I have read on the paradox of… Read More »Leaky Abstractions

It’s not Gnu!

Well, this is a startling announcement that may change the way software is controlled from now on. Previously unable to patent software somebody has come up with a way around this and it looks as though it might put a squeeze on open source developments thanks to a few capitalist management types. Do these people… Read More »It’s not Gnu!

M$ lands a big fish

Well, well it looks as though M$ have not only secured the biggest market share in history but now they have also included the biggest single deal in history by supplying the US army. So it’s true that every American has a ‘bush’ outside their windows. Hmm I forsee some new and interesting titles emerging… Read More »M$ lands a big fish

Terra Firma no Talamh Crua

Well back to the grindstone after a fantastic two weeks of travelling around South-Eastern Europe. Saw some fantastic places and sights and I can only hope now that the film footage comes out well and reflects the memories of the various attractions. It was tough going being on our feet the whole time but there’s also a great amount of satisfaction derived from getting around these places on our own; mostly down to the effort and time put in by Siân in organising the route and schedule.

Read More »Terra Firma no Talamh Crua

Blogging Vienna

Well we managed to make it to Vienna and currently I am hooked up via my pda to a WiFi hotspot I found for free in Brauer Strasse 🙂 Siân and I had a great time in Budapest and would definitely recommend the place for a visit. So far the trip has been great with… Read More »Blogging Vienna


Holiday update!! Well I’m in Budapest at the moment with Siân ( So far we’ve been through Venice, Lake Bled (Slovenia) and Zagreb in Croatia. Can’t really say much about Zagreb as it wasn’t the best experience but the rest of the places are somewhat enjoyable. Looking forward now to enjoying a thermal bath somewhere… Read More »Hoildays

Drop the blog

Well I didn’t think that my lack of postings would result in such action by Google to consider dropping the indexing of blogs for the sole reason of a lack of valuable information. I’ll have to start posting some interesting stuff again 🙂 source: The Register