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January 2007

To WWW or not to WWW

Just read this interesting post from John Chow. While the content of the post is nothing really new to me, it’s interesting because more and more people should be aware of its subject matter. It deals with the matter of domain names and whether your web server should accept and also without any… Read More »To WWW or not to WWW

Sick as a parrot

Well, I’ve been off work all week so far. Not due to any wonderful relaxing break nor DIY escapades or garden indulgences but rather I have been confined to bed with what we in the software business would call a composed illness (yes, I’ll have one from the top shelf, one from the middle and… Read More »Sick as a parrot


Just read this via Tom Raftery’s I.T. views: An interview with the guy who cracked the HD DVD DRM just before Christmas, to the joy of most of the world anyhow. Tom sums up his post with the following points: The sooner the movie studios realise that all the money they are pouring into DRM… Read More »HD DVD DRM

Dublin Parking Update

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A few days ago I posted an article with respect to the proposed introduction of increased parking fees in Dublin for people with “big” engine cars. Thankfully the Dublin City council has had a wake-up to reality to realise that “big” engined cars may not take up that much space and may also be very… Read More »Dublin Parking Update

What would you do…

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We’ve all been asked that question, “What would you do if you won…” Well a German lorry driver was given the chance to win and throw away Eur 75, 000. The unqiue competition winner won by claiming that he would throw the prize fund out of the window so that everyone around could get some.… Read More »What would you do…

Technology “Cool Wall”

Yesterday Shane dropped by for a chat and we discussed the concept of having a Top Gear style cool wall in our office for technologies. A humourous idea but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Brian recently wrote a post about how SIP sucks and Skype rules. I have to… Read More »Technology “Cool Wall”


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A new proposal in Dublin is set to see drivers of SUV and other large vehicles pay twice what a “normal” car owner pays to park outside their own home. A wonderfully green move by Dublin City Council – I’m sure that they had no profiteering agenda in mind at all when this was proposed.… Read More »SUV = EUROs

MT 3.34

Just upgraded my MT install this morning. No nervous moment like the last upgrade. 🙂 Not really much of a difference between 3.32 and 3.34 but it’s nice to have the current version running smoothly.

A Phone

For some reason this post went missing between last night and tonight <<scratches head>> Luckilly I keep an offsite back-up in WordPress 🙂 If anyone has commented/trackbacked on this then please comment again as I have a feeling that the database was reverted today for some reason. Maybe Steve didn’t like my opinions on the… Read More »A Phone


For those of you who don’t already know, Barcamp Southeast will be taking place this Saturday, January 20th in the home of the TSSG. For those not in the know, Barcamp is a relatively informal event that takes all the starch out of the collars of other pretentious conferences. Genuine enthusiasts are the primary order… Read More »Barcamp