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Just read this via Tom Raftery’s I.T. views: An interview with the guy who cracked the HD DVD DRM just before Christmas, to the joy of most of the world anyhow. Tom sums up his post with the following points:

The sooner the movie studios realise that all the money they are pouring into DRM is wasted because 1) they are annoying their customers and 2) people will find a way around it anyway, the better.

… I really couldn’t agree more with Tom. DRM is just making life very difficult for the ordinary person on the street and for the extraordinary people who copy and other such activities there will always be a workaround – if a password can be encrypted then it can be decrypted – there’s no such thing as one-way DRM. It’s a waste of time, an intrusion into the lives of ordinary folk and a restrictive measure that will soon infringe upon human rights if it’s not careful.

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