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March 2004

Methane on Mars

Thanks to Ray C for this link. The spectometers have revealed the presence of methane in the Martian atmosphere. As is the composition of methane gas (CH4) containing carbon, this now confirms both water and carbon existed on the planet. Possibly supporting life at some stage or maybe even still supporting life… source: BBC NEWS… Read More »Methane on Mars

Blind Justice?

Well, when Rob O’Connor sent this link onto me I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Seemingly David Blunkett is trying to claim £3K per year, from those who were wrongly imprisoned in British jails. His argument is that you shouldn’t be getting free accommodation and food!!!! #$%£%##** Somebody give this guy a cup of… Read More »Blind Justice?

Fr. Ted to Return?

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Heard about this on the radio this morning on the way into work. Looks like Fr. Ted will be remade for American audiences. Steve Martin has been lined up for the lead role and has seemingly accepted being a fan of the original and all that (then again who wouldn’t take it when offered a… Read More »Fr. Ted to Return?

iPod Killer?

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Looks like MS are on the road to iPod competition. They aim to release their new mobile media solution, built by Creative running MS software, by Christmas 2004. This should help to heat up the mobile media market and hopefully inspire a price war in the consumers favour. However, I wonder why Creative have chosen… Read More »iPod Killer?

First MS now ET!

Co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, has just donated $13.5M to the SETI team in order to fund a new radio telescope for their research. Just when I thought that I was helping SETI out by running 3 machine with the desktop client, someone comes along and belittles my contribution with a 13.5M donation. Nice to… Read More »First MS now ET!

Stamp out Hard Drives

Well not really what the heading says. Toshiba have just produced the world’s smallest hard disk; less than half the size of the ones used in Apple iPods. The stamp size disks have been recognised by Guinness World Records as the smallest in the world and one can only wonder where this will take us… Read More »Stamp out Hard Drives

Good News for Ireland

Good news for Ireland today. It appears that a compant interested in providing internet names for mobile devices is to set up a HQ here. The effort is in an attempt to speed up the production of web services for the mobile platforms and could spell some interesting futures for Irish industry with a focus… Read More »Good News for Ireland

Spammers Beware

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Just announced that some of the top US e-mail providers have taken legal action against some of the known spam offenders in the US. About time too, as long as they stop them spewing into Europe while they’re at it since European law doesn’t cover spam from outside the EU. source: Irish Times Note: Irish… Read More »Spammers Beware

Against e-Voting

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Love it or hate it, the debate over e-voting will not go away for some time. This rough and ready article publicises the latest weighty protest against the system. Oh the poor minister will be sorry he didn’t stay in the dark ages. So much technological advancement and yet no trust of the underlying control.… Read More »Against e-Voting