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I wonder do Hallmark have a card for this?

On the way into work this morning, listening to the radio as usual, I heard an advertisement for “National Mortgage Week”. Indeed it makes sense; Ireland has become so money driven and internally competitive amongst it’s inhabitants that the majority of the country can no longer afford a home or qualify for a mortgage. It’s only fitting that we should have such a noted period on our calendars to highlight the ever present need in our lives to have a mortgage and to entice others to get one for you as a gift perhaps. Yeah, it’ll be the opposite of mothers/fathers day. Parents will be encouraged to remortgage their homes in order to provide their children with a chance of having their own mortgage. “Here you go son, a mortgage all for you. Now your mother and I have another mortgage too so we’ll have something to talk to you about when you come around. By the way you only qualified for this because we provided the extra cash to lessen the mortgage amount now don’t feel guilty about it, be free in the knowledge that we spent 20 years paying off our original mortgage and well, we felt like another challenge.” Me thinks that my sarcasm has reached a point of uncertainty where I am no longer sure about my sincerity, anyway… Perhaps in years to come “National Mortgage Week” will still be in existence and people will buy cards for each other to celebrate. It will be an event similar to St. Valentine’s Day. Sincere greeting cards will say “I love you so much that I want you to think about a mortgage”, humourous greetings will say “I rate you very highly”, heartfelt greetings will say “I’d risk everything I own to give you a shot at getting a mortgage”. Sadly a mortgage at that stage for most people might be as mythical as St. Valentine himself… source: Permanent TSB

Note: the link for the source will probably only display the advertisement for about 4 days after this posting