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October 2003

Light Processors

Yes, it’s here. The end of silicone and the start of something great. An Israel-based organisation has developed processor that works on optics instead of silicone, allowing processing at the speed of light. Wow! source: Wired News

Economic (Astronomic?) Growth

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Well for the last while I have been ranting about what I perceive as media farces with respect to global recessions and downturns, etc. Today I read in the papers that the US government has published figures that show the strongest economic growth since 1984. Enron type stats or the real story about the state… Read More »Economic (Astronomic?) Growth

Flat Land

Having recently just purchased a new television and talking about the options with family and friends, we got chatting about old stories and advances in TV. Many, many years ago we remember our Dad being constantly critical of the depth of TVs and how much room they took up. He always said that some day… Read More »Flat Land

Bloggers Uncovered

The game may be up for those web loggers out there who like to conceal their true identity under a nom de plume. This story from the US shows how the treat of legal action may force one such blogger to reveal their identity and may set the precedent that warrants all weblogs to be… Read More »Bloggers Uncovered

The Times, They are a Changing

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If like me you have forgotten in the past to adjust your clock for daylight saving, only to find yourself wandering around wondering why there’s no traffic or why your boss is giving you socks for being late. You’ll be happy to know that the process isn’t really that simple, well at least for those… Read More »The Times, They are a Changing

Lost but Not Forgotten

A class action brought against Fujitsu for selling faulty hard disks, and chips with knowledge of the faults looks like it will be settled out of court with a $42.5M price tag. People just don’t pay any attention to quality of workmanship these days, everything from large manufacturers to the small tradesmen. The story is… Read More »Lost but Not Forgotten

More Good News

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Well following up on a post I made on October 17 stating that the so-called downturn in technology was a media farce in Ireland here’s more evidence to suggest that things are definitely on the up again. NEC have just posted great 1st half figures, source: Irish Times, way beyond prediction and almost double that… Read More »More Good News

On The Up

Well it looks like things are on the up again after the last 3 years of market slump. EMC have reported substantial gains in this years Q3 compared to the same quarter last year. Other companies are following suit. Could it be that this was the quickest turnaround from a global recession ever or was… Read More »On The Up

Bin Tax

Yes, they should bin this tax in my opinion. Doesn’t every civilised country have an obligation to its citizens to keep it tidy? After all every citizen pays tax on everything they do never mind the money they earn. Bin charges are a ridiculous idea, it’s like slapping a tax on water. Remember what happened… Read More »Bin Tax

The Real Big Apple

Seems as though the new Apple G5 is creating quite a stir out there. Students in Virginia Tech have just managed to plug 1100 of the machines together in an effort to build one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers and a snip at only $5M. Could this be the end of $100M supercomputers? I… Read More »The Real Big Apple