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Flat Land

Having recently just purchased a new television and talking about the options with family and friends, we got chatting about old stories and advances in TV. Many, many years ago we remember our Dad being constantly critical of the depth of TVs and how much room they took up. He always said that some day they’ll make a television that just hangs on your wall. Mind you, he said this in a time when LCD was only just making a realistic break into wrist watches.

Strange how these things come to pass over time. I remember seeing the first flat 42″ plasma screen that came into Waterford for retail. It cost a whopping IR£17000 roughly Eur 21500. These days you can buy the same sort of technology for as little as Eur 6000 and LCD versions as low as Eur 4000. With trends like this how long will it be before the TV stand becomes a memory of history. Wall mounted TV, DVD, CD = more floor space. It makes sense and it’s just a matter of time. This linked article from back in September 2003 talks about the trends in the market and the surge of interest in such televisions. source: