Blue sky, bright moon

Such a great weekend for full moons. Just looking out through my living room window, committing the cardinal sin of shooting through the window glass. Who cares? Sometimes a shot is just worth capturing because it lifts your spirits in the wake/advent of less happy moments.

Museum of Me

Now, if ever there was a title that sounded self-indulgent, here it is. However, its coinage is not of my own doing, albeit my activities and that of millions of others, indirectly led Intel to create that phrase and its associated Facebook analysis. Yes, the Pentium Pushers have hopped on the Facebook bandwagon by creating a very elegant gimmic that analyses your Facebook profile to discover the things you talk about most, the people you interact with most, and the general impression of your life on Facebook. They create a polished video of your life through Facebook mash-ups and things from your profile and give you a set of pictures to take home as a memento of your trip down virtual memory lane. I think it has been around for quite a while now but I only dropped by myself in recent days to get the experience of my life, literally. Why not drop by and indulge in your own personal exhibition

Free Speech vs Social Acceptance

Interesting piece on censorship in social networks. While inconclusive as to whether or not censorship happened in this instance it does raise an interesting question with respect to free speech while maintaining a socially acceptable existence. I had read earlier in the week that Google’s “What Do You Love?” search experiment ( is also removing offensive keyword searches and preventing people from searching on lewd terms. Is cleaning up the web infringing upon the 1st Amendment in the US and similarly held beliefs in other zones?