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September 2006

If Only…

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As the crisis supposedly deepens for the Taoiseach regarding his acceptance of unclear payments, speculation is starting that the mighty McDowell may have to stand down and that the PD/Fianna Fail government is in danger. Sunny days are made of things like this. However, I doubt that the sun is about to shine… source: Irish… Read More »If Only…

IE on Linux anyone?

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A Brazilian web developer who got fed-up of rebooting into Windows to see how pages looked in Internet Explorer came up with this little trick that allows anyone to install and run Internet Explorer on Linux. Not only can you run IE on Linux but it actually makes three versions of the browser available for… Read More »IE on Linux anyone?

Clarke’s Cup

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It may have been Europe that seized the title at the K Club but the Ryder Cup firmly belongs to Darren Clarke – and I’m sure that nobody would disagree. Following a fantastic three days of competition, Clarke could not but break down when the title was finally claimed. Given the hardship that he has… Read More »Clarke’s Cup

Teflon Gets Scratched?

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C’mon Bertie give us a real answer. That’s the sentiment coming from the entire country at the moment with respect to allegations made about Taoiseach Bertie Ahern receiving payments that are being investigated by the Mahon Tribunal. The Taoiseach appeared defensive on radio interviews and stated that the disclosure of the payments was “unfair, unjust… Read More »Teflon Gets Scratched?

Tom Shuts the Door on PR

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I’m a bit late with this breaking news due to not having done any reading in the last couple of days but after 4 long years of keeping the faith, Tom Murphy has decided to call it a day with PR Opinions. Tom’s blog was a very enjoyable read over the years and it will… Read More »Tom Shuts the Door on PR

Happy Birthday to…

ME! 🙂 Yup, another year ends or starts depending on your viewpoint. I may be getting older but at least from an insurance perspective, I ain’t getting any younger! Took the day off work to relax and enjoy the opening rounds of the Ryder Cup. Hopefully the weather will improve over the weekend and leave… Read More »Happy Birthday to…

Tweak your Fox

Earlier today I was given this highly useful link that exposed many configurable options of FireFox that I never knew existsed. Perhaps even an answer to why the FrieFox speed test I performed recently was slower than IE. Time will tell but worth noting… source:

Almost forgot to say…

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Almost forgot what day was in it. Sure tis international talk like a pirate day. Dar still be time to get loaded to the gunnels with a few fathoms of ale. Yarrrr! Have a good one fellow pirate folk!

Vlogging a dead horse?

Picked up this article via Mícheál Ó Foghlú’s Weblog on how podcasts and video logs will be the key to IPTV. Personally I have to say that I am far from convinced about this and would probably go as far as to say that I strongly disagree with it. IPTV is already shaping up in… Read More »Vlogging a dead horse?

The Aggressive Democrats

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It has been a week since the mighty McDowell took the reins of the party formerly known as Mary Harney and co. It would appear that in that week, the unshakable man who has behaved like a bull in a china shop in recent times, has been shaken. Out of nowhere, he is now chanting… Read More »The Aggressive Democrats