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September 2006

A-boot Time

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In recent years we have all seen the impact that flashy, high-priced trainers and soccer shoes have had on the youth and even the not-so-young. In this light it is refreshing to hear about a New York Knicks basketball player who has endoresed a pair of US$15 basketball shoes in an attempt to curb the… Read More »A-boot Time

Bertie goes disco

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One of the funniest things I have seen in ages. Have to say that I split my sides laughing at this earlier today… Bertie and Mary go disco

Stop that! It’ll make you go blind…

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A recent study has just published its findings on the possible linkage between lifting heavy weights and blindness. Seemingly the effort exerted when lifting heavy objects can increase the pressure within the eyes leading to a higher risk of glaucoma. Strangely enough the type of glaucoma associated with this is called “normal pressure glaucoma”. All… Read More »Stop that! It’ll make you go blind…

Bright Spark’s a Gas Man

Let me start by saying that this country is in an energy crisis. Not because there is a lack of energy but because our useless regulator always backs the requests from the states only two, national energy providers for gas and electricity. It has just been approved that a 20% hike in electricity and a… Read More »Bright Spark’s a Gas Man

Browsing Slowly

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Lately I have noticed that my broadband connection at home is just not as fast as I thought it should be considering that I am supposed to have a 2Mb line. So eventually I got around to running a speed test on my connection. I ran the test initially in Firefox and then for morbid… Read More »Browsing Slowly

Forget Zizou, Get Zinadoo!

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From a little known research group called the TSSG has emerged a little known company called Zinadoo. Zinadoo are offering people and businesses the ability to create mobile websites with the greatest of ease; Websites that are backed by operator services such as SMS. Colourful, dynamic and fun – the Zinadoo service offering is sure… Read More »Forget Zizou, Get Zinadoo!

Headbutt Revisited

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Italian footballer Marco Materazzi has come out and spoken about his world cup final conflict with Zinedine Zidane. Seemingly the entire fiasco envolved from a comment that Zidane made to Materazzi when he was tugging his shirt. Zidane reportedly said “if you want my shirt I will give it you afterwards” to which Materazzi supposedly… Read More »Headbutt Revisited

Repairing OSX

For a while now, my infallable OSX installation has been behaving strangely. By strangely I mean that it has been loosing printers everytime it reboots, fails to restart the HTTP server after reboot and Spotlight would no longer function. As you might imagine this was somewhat annoying. However, after a bit of searching around and… Read More »Repairing OSX

MT 3.32

Just upgraded to MovableType 3.32 and for the first time ever I had a hiccup in the upgrade. To say that I was slightly concerned was an understatement as I had carelessly forgotten to back-up my DB before starting. Anyhow after recopying all the files across once more and checking permissions, it all seems fine… Read More »MT 3.32


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I really want one of these. Not only is it a 32″ flatscreen, it’s also 3D. source: The Register