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August 2007

NBC cancels iTunes contract

NBC has decided to withdraw its content from the iTunes store as of this December. The decision reportedly comes about as a result of Apple refusing to enforce stricter DRM on the media content and also flexible pricing options. Nice to see Apple sticking to their guns here. Although the iTunes store will lose hit… Read More »NBC cancels iTunes contract


Do I love technology? Yes. Would others refer to me as a techie? Yes. Would I call myself a nerd? Yes. Do I understand the current buzz around hi-end mobile phones? No! I have been vocal in the past regarding aspects of modern technology that I see no real advantage or beneficial use for other… Read More »Phone-omenon

Summer Calm

Feeding Tortoise Shell Originally uploaded by jbwan. Daisy, Daisy Originally uploaded by jbwan. The more I say the angrier I get so here’s a couple of nice calming photos from my garden yesterday evening. 😉


Paradise Originally uploaded by jbwan. Paradise indeed but it’s also only 45 mins drive and about 30 mins walk to get there from Waterford City. I love capturing sights like this in my home county – you don’t need to go far to see the wonderful world around you!

Shocking Discovery

New research carried out shows how impulsive people are when a threat is within their sights. Researchers asked volunteers to play a basic video game like Pacman whereby the predator, a red dot, would chase their character about the screen. If the predator captured the player’s character then they received an electric shock. Analysis of… Read More »Shocking Discovery

Forgot where you live?

Not many people forget where they live, even after a week away from home most folk can find their way back. So where’s this going? Well like most people into a bit of technology I too have splashed out on a GPS for my car but one thing that I wouldn’t do is put my… Read More »Forgot where you live?

Paper Battery Anyone?

With all the talk of dangerous batteries going around in recent times it’s easy to get hyped over a battery related story. Tales of danger and explosions, spontaneous fires and injured parties. This story has nothing to do with that theme of battery propaganda but rather a new development of a paper like battery that… Read More »Paper Battery Anyone?

Look out iTunes

Well maybe not but Universal has just launched a new music purchasing service called Gbox. Interesting name? The service currently only available in the US will most interestingly allow punters to avail of DRM free music – the one thing that everyone has been crying out for, for so long. Universal have teamed up with… Read More »Look out iTunes

Throw out your old internet

Those researchers in Japan really should push the boat out more. In their latest drive they aim to achieve the simple task of replacing the internet? Should be a few hours downtime then? source: Slashdot

Business Lesson

Everything in the professional world is a reflection of something in nature. In all walks of life there are quiet types, bullies and opportunists. This video shot in Kruger wildlife reserve in South Africa shows it all in action. A herd of buffalo are attacked by a pride of lions and a baby buffalo is… Read More »Business Lesson