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Business Lesson

Everything in the professional world is a reflection of something in nature. In all walks of life there are quiet types, bullies and opportunists. This video shot in Kruger wildlife reserve in South Africa shows it all in action. A herd of buffalo are attacked by a pride of lions and a baby buffalo is captured by the water’s edge. While at the water’s edge the opportunist crocodiles try to snatch the catch from the lions, the lions eventually win out and drag the buffalo back to dry land only to be confronted by the entire buffalo herd who ain’t too happy about junior being attacked. The moral of the story would appear to be that bullies (the lions) might think they have the upper hand with speed and strength and reputation, the opportunists (the crocs) rarely ever win out but make a big splash over nothing but in the end if you mess with a family (the buffalo) you better expect to lose out. 🙂 Tip of the hat to Damien Mulley’s fluffy links for the video.


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