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March 2003

Sendmail exposed

Just picked this off CNN. Sendmail, the world’s favourite e-mail server, suddenly has a huge gaping hole in it. Advice direct from Sendmail Inc is to either upgrade or patch immediately. It doesn’t look as though the problem has been exploited yet but better not to take the risk… – Security flaw puts e-mail… Read More »Sendmail exposed

Does Saddam Google?

A very humourous article from CNN dated 03/03/2003 predicting a fierce cyber war in the current environment. As foolish as some of the concepts used are, it’s still very easy to see that something as simple as Google could become a war tool for either side.

WiFi for home?

Well as my new house gradually nears completion I am looking around at how best to serve my techno needs. I want to transform it into a WiFi hotspot but I am only starting to learn more about this technology at the moment. This seems to be a nice enough piece of kit and it… Read More »WiFi for home?

MS Spying again

An interesting link just passed onto me from Andrew Betson regarding the content passed to Microsoft during a Windows Update. Seemingly they pass on details of non-Microsoft products too… The Register