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Feck the Government

Today I went for a run, gym-bound as the weather was less than I was willing to put up with. Whilst puffing my way through several kilometres on the threadmill my thoughts unwittingly turned to politics. I got thinking about how much I always wanted to run a marathon and then how I should do it for charity. From there I chose my charitable cause, as always, to be the fight against cancer – like so many others I too have lost family to this awful disease. Then I got thinking about the state of cancer care in Waterford and exactly how little the government are doing to help the people around this area.

Some weeks ago I watched Bertie babble away in typical fashion about whether or not Waterford will receive university status – he somehow managed to convince most people that a continuation of the set out process was a vote of confidence (not me though). To think that we are so neglected in terms of educational status let alone decisions that decide the lives of cancer patients, really sickens me to the core. So for all of you self-centred, narrow-minded, amnesiac, Fianna Fail voters out there in Waterford, do me a favour: Ask yourself what your city has ever gotten that was of any use from Fianna Fail and then not only should you not vote for them in the next election, just don’t vote at all! Remember roads that disturb natural flood planes and cause flooding after 4 hours of rain in surrounding areas are not a good thing, especially when the traffic problems at the other end, that were supposed to be solved, still exist. There is a theory that the only reason the outer ring road was built was to increase the value of land there so that it could be sold for development not so that people could go from Dunmore to Cork more easilly. Think about it!! Send a message that will really make a difference; losing faith in the democratic system and not voting will say more than a vote for an independent who probably has no chance of election or any real say in the way the country will be run.

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