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Aaaaaaahhhh Again

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It’s rarely that I follow up one of my own posts within 24 hours but when it’s something that I am incredibly passionate about then exceptions will always exist. This morning I noticed that my last post had already been tracked by and I was delighted to see such a fast pick-up. Sadly however, having just listened to the podcast that was supposedly influenced enough by my posting on road deaths to have referenced it, I was horrified.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am always happy to be referenced but if somebody gives a reference then surely some of the original content should be mentioned or discussed. Sadly the podcast spoke about road deaths and again blamed young drivers solely. The podcast presenters even went so far as to imply blame against the Polish community but not once did they offer any discussion on the sector of the Irish population that is responsible for 77.2% of all driver road deaths in Ireland, the over-25 age bracket. The facts are there in my blog – why do people choose to ignore them? Like I said in my last post, I don’t want anything except proportional representation and that means discussing the problems outside of young drivers. Let’s hear an unbiased production!

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