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I predicted it!

Lisbon YESA couple of weeks back I was talking to Siân about what I perceived as the shameless pro-YES campaign being run for the Lisbon Treaty. I’ve been taking notes of the kind of voices that are being given air time from the NO side and the amount of YES side commentary and blatant lies that are being thrown around, coupled with ridiculous amounts of auld buddies from business lobby groups backing up their political friends. Anyhow, I made the remark that it would only be a matter of time before we saw an advert on RTE from Aer Lingus that told people that their deal for a trip Lisbon was just too good to ignore.

Gobsmacked, I sit here with a cup of tea watching ads on RTE and behold, Aer Lingus’ new advert for city breaks, hypnotic music, oodles of enticing and pleasant sounding words, mentioning of a great deal, and finally in big, bold letters, in the middle of the screen, “LISBON” – I kid you not. I’m not big on conspiracy theories as I like cold hard facts but I said that this would happen and now, 2 weeks before the treaty vote we have the advert that asks people how they could say NO to Lisbon. I don’t believe in that kind of coincidence – not in a million years.

2 thoughts on “I predicted it!”

  1. Very political indeed. There’s a shyte storm of nonsense going around from both the YES and NO camps at the moment and it’s driving me insane. Trying to reason with it is like trying to teach astro-physics to 3-year-olds. You’re lucky to be away at the moment. Apart from that, as you say, I’m sure that Lisbon is a nice place but hopefully that doesn’t skew the voters. 😉

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