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Recurring digit dates

Recurring digitsYes, today is 09/09/09 and for many it will be remembered as the day that The Beatles’ catalogue was re-released with remastered tracks for all to enjoy. Not me however. I will remember it as the day that I read Bernard Goldbach’s post about how he trawls through recurring digit dates such as 08/08/08 and 07/07/07, etc, for content he blogged about on those days and realising that in the 7 or so years of my blogging life, I have never posted content on one of those numerologist’s dream dates. Where have I been? While I will remember this day for noting the absence of these dates from my recorded life, I will also enjoy the irony that I now break that trend by noting it. Sweet irony… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Recurring digit dates”

  1. And a meta-post at that. Next recurring digit date you’ll have to do a meta-meta-post.

    One thing I do find odd is that we are all using the two-digit-saving pre-2000 date style here. Didn’t we spend billions fixing that problem?

    1. Aarrrggh! Too many levels of indirection and nesting. I knew I was in over my head!

      I have to say that I agree with the noticeable lack of YYYY format years in this post and those related to it. I had to fight with myself to force the post and hold onto a wee sentimental moment, whereby recurring digit dates actually exist and provide an unquestionable and inexplicable pleasure for number enthusiasts. Pure filth in the eyes of many… 🙂

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