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Irish Sport

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Just a quick thought before I watch George Lee disect the doom and gloom of blowing the boom. This weekend has seen a truly wonderful couple of days for Irish sport. The national rugby team completed an historic grand slam victory in the 6 Nations by defeating Wales in what was truly the most tense game of rugby I have ever seen and Bernard Dunne faught through an incredible battle to win the Super-Bantamweight World Champion belt in boxing. In a time of recession and societal depression, again I turn to my TV to watch George, our nation’s sports stars have not only achieved personal glory and greatness on the world stage, they have lit a beacon of hope, a focal point of happiness to lift the spirits of the Irish people. Roughly 25 people who have not changed a single thing about our economy have done more for the Irish people in one day than our entire government has done in 2 years. Says it all really… Nevertheless, well done lads, you did us all very proud.

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