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Above all else, the company is ok!

Just picked this up from Pat Phelan’s update on Twitter. A press release issued by a company in which there were horrific and tragic shootings recently, in America. The focus of the press release seems more concerned with stating that the company is ok and no layoffs were ever the case in the company’s history than it is with addressing the incredibly sad and unfortunate events resulting in the death of its employees. Personally I don’t imagine that many really care how the company is doing in this context. Read more…

It smacks of the old line whereby farmer from <insert disliked county here> buries his wife and places the obituary in the paper to be told that he can have three more words for the same price and he adds “hay for sale” to the obituary. Very poor taste indeed.

2 thoughts on “Above all else, the company is ok!”

  1. The focus at SiPort continues to be to the victims’ families first, the surviving employees second, and to business third.

    Please, please, please, please, please don’t blog about this without doing some homework. You are doing enormous damage to people who have been seriously traumatized.

    The press release can be viewed here So say we all.

    As for the ‘company being ok’ stuff, that is coming in direct response to questions like, “So, are you out of business now?” or “People say that it will be impossible to recover from this, right?”. Like the spouses of the slain employees, the company is in deep mourning.

    The employees at SiPort are a tight knit group and they want to see the company survive. And they will do so after they pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. And what is wrong with that?

  2. Well the post practically echoes exactly what you say – it should be all about the families and friends who have suffered an incalculable loss. At the time of writing the release on the linked website did not contain the further update that it now does and it appeared on prima facie to be very cold in a time of great hurt and pain. That was what prompted the writing of the post in the first place. As for doing homework, the post reflects the original website release very accurately and that was the focus of the posting. You’ll note that the company wasn’t even named by me as I didn’t want to draw attention to the company name.

    We may come from different systems of belief on this last point but I find it shocking that anybody would require a status report on the company to be released to the general public rather than just shareholders. To me it shows a very shallow aspect to society that such a thing would be requested in a time of unthinkable tragedy. I’m sure that the thoughts of every right thinking human, and certainly my own thoughts, are with the families and friends who have suffered because of this horrific event. Our deepest sympathies to all who have lost loved ones.

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