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Blimey! That looks different!

Yes, yes it does. After a 6 year love affair, full of torrid scenes and much questionable content, I have finally switched my blogging software from MovableType to WordPress. I know, I know, I said I’d never do it but with the flick of a switch… it happened. That pretty much sums it all up too, as to why I eventually turned my back on MT and changed lanes to WordPress. Everything in WordPress is pretty much the click of a switch. Plug-ins are easier to manage and I never seem to have trouble finding what I want. Themes are more readily available and I can swap them at the click of a link every week if I want. The admin interface is straightforward and simple. I prefer the WYSIWYG window for editing text and managing pages, posts, comments, etc. Comment SPAM moderation is simpler and Askimet is decent enough so I don’t have to worry too much any more. Overall I finally have to admit that for my needs, WordPress is well, just better for everything that I need to do. So lost is the aspect of my personality born when I first installed SuSE 5.2 and told Windows users that they were missing out. Perhaps this is a major turning point in my entire outlook on life? Crikey JB, it’s only a style change and some new software – deep, very deep…

2 thoughts on “Blimey! That looks different!”

  1. Nice one Jonathan, welcome to the club 😉

    (Funnily enough I’m thinking of switching away from WordPress. I installed the 2.7 Beta 1 and I just don’t like the admin interface. Looking for something simpler and faster than WordPress now.)

  2. Damn! I’m always just lagging behind. As soon as I catch onto something the posse has moved on to greener pastures again. 🙂 Haven’t touched the Beta of 2.7 yet but I’m quite happy with 2.6.3 at the moment. I guess it will take me another 6 years to migrate again if things turn sour. 🙂

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