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Decision on University for Waterford?

Following a line of questioning in the Dail yesterday by Brian O’Shea (Labour TD) to Batt O’Keefe (Minister for Education) on the subject of the outstanding application for re-designation of WIT as the University for the South East, the Minister said that a decision is likely within a matter of weeks. Read the story in the Irish Examiner.

After so much stalemate and lack of response from the government on this matter, this is indeed a most welcome revelation. Everyone to send your e-mails, letters of support for this re-designation to the Minister and other government officials. This is a very important time for the process and al of us need to ensure that there is no doubt in the government’s minds that this matter needs to be addressed, urgently!

Go see the FUSE website! Find out who to contact and the necessary e-mail and postal addresses to do so. Pledge your support for this worthy and necessary case to bring equity to the South East of Ireland and to help us regenerate wealth within the country in these difficult times.

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