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The 200

It has been a while since we had a good ole riot. Ah yes, you know that recession is in town when you have a riot of movie proportions, hitting the streets in Ireland. Apparently there was a riot in Mullingar today, involving about 200 people. As of yet there has been no reasons for the riot but the Gardaí did manage to make one arrest – well done lads, that’s a 0.5% hit rate. source: Breaking News

4 thoughts on “The 200”

  1. There’s plenty of them around the country, I doubt that it’s our recent visitors. Listening to the RTE news again this evening the reporter was, as usual, all about the minority and the one or two that cause all the trouble. 200 people engaged in a riot supposedly after an illegal fight, twice in as many weeks in different parts of the country. C’mon! That’s no minority any more; 200 people rioting in one estate – how many live there?

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