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MacBook Air Alternative?

I’m rarely enthused by the actions of those who “hack” software and hardware together that never had previous meetings but this is different. The MSI Wind (aka an Advent sub notebook) has a very nice 10″ screen and is now capable of running Mac OSX Leopard, albeit with a few hacks that are not for the feint hearted. The upside though is that the hardware is cheap and a really good OS is cheap too and you can have your very own MacBook Air comparative that’s lightweight and runs Leopard. It’s cool and I want to build one now! Too bad I decided to stop comforting myself with electronic purchases after my spur of the moment notebook purchase from Dell two months ago. 🙁 Read More…

2 thoughts on “MacBook Air Alternative?”

  1. I’m holding out a little longer to see if the Asus Eee PC 1000 is any good. If it isn’t then the MSI Wind/Advent 4211 (same as the MSI Wind only a bit cheaper) is the ticket.

  2. Oh to have an electronics budget again! Although, for the price of a conversion on one of these guys I’d be saving massively on the price of a MacBook Air – does that sound like a good enough justification? 😉

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