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Cost of redecorating

Imagine you were doing up your living room, or maybe your kitchen. Yes, let’s say your kitchen, and you want a new granite worktop, new presses, new tiles, new appliances and sure why not make a snap decision to get yourself a handcrafted table and chairs! Right, your budget, granite worktops don’t come cheap but all in all you’d probably get what you wanted for under Eur 30K. Or maybe you don’t want to redecorate but want to snap up a small investment property now that the market is dropping, you might get something decent outside of Dublin for about Eur 200K. Now with those kind of figures in mind and what you would get for them, try to conceive exactly how the redecorating of Bertie’s office cost about Eur 220K for 3 weeks work not including security or any other fancy stuff. What’s worse is that the OPW defended the cost. WTF!! This is as bad as CJ’s island. The government of this country is having a laugh at the public and rubbing their noses in anything that they have to do to make a few bob! I am so sick of this country; I’m completely fed up of the corrupt self-obsessed attitude of our political representatives who bathe themselves in ass’s milk while the rest of us dodge acid rain. You pack of ignorant, pontificating, own nest feathering, corrupt, misguided, and stupid w*nkers – F**k the lot of ye!

2 thoughts on “Cost of redecorating”

  1. Damn straight Joe! I’m just so fed up of this nonsense, year after year, scandal after scandal and still it continues. Unfathomable!

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