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D4 on alert

Appearing in today’s Times’ letters page:

Madam, – My home has so far received the emergency planning booklet four times. Is the Government trying to tell Ballsbridge residents something? – Yours, etc,”

Well, yes, I guess that the government is trying to tell us all something. While some people in the country get feck all from the government, our leaders are so afraid of upsetting the Southside Dubliners that they will err up to 3 times in order to make sure that they know they are valued. Even the emergency plans in this country are overly and needlessly centralised, just like the civil service whom are responsible for the organisation of such things. 

Oh well, I guess it’s for the best. When the bombs come and the country is nuked at least the Southsiders will survive and then repopulate the country with a better quality of person, possibly all named Fiachra, gender neutral, who will bring 6-Nations triumph to “The Rock”. Oh no, wait, all Ireland’s best players are Munster men, aaahhhh, government, what have you done????

2 thoughts on “D4 on alert”

  1. Don’t worry, the Rock of Cashel has a secret bunker for Munster’s priviliged. And even if he couldn’t get to Cashel in time, old Stringer is small enough to fit under a school desk and survive the nuclear blast. O’Connell would just comment on the extra breeze and carry on carrying boulders up the mountain.

    (I got the booklet. Sitting on my kitchen table, opened to the “When Waterford city floods” page.)

  2. 🙂

    O’Connell would hardly even notice the breeze. 😉

    As for when Waterford City floods, well we’ve been dealing with that for a very long time before any brochure was conceived.

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