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Navigating through history

So often in my line of work, technology, I encounter the dilemma of watching technology emerge that does not directly benefit the end users; technology that sometimes makes life needlessly difficult. So, it’s at a time like this when I hear about a new development where technology is applied to a useful purpose that will give people great enjoyment, that I applaud the developers.

Zolk C in collaboration with the Waterford-based TSSG group (a division of WIT) have rolled out a GPS-based navigation system for the historic battlefield of Culloden in Scotland. The system guides users around the battlefield to certain key points where information will be imparted. In principle a very usual system but what is different about this is that no infrastructure or signage or any other structure that could ruin the landscape of the battlefield was needed to make this possible – thereby preserving the ancient site from modern intrusion. The service is being officially launched today in Culloden and I wish the team behind this the very best with the rollout. I had a sneak preview of the service myself a few months back and it was certainly impressive when compared with the standard tourism offerings that I have previously experienced. Sometimes the simplest technology developments are the ones that deserve the greatest respect and this is a perfect example of combining existing technologies with media presentations to forge a fantastic user experience for all tourists. 

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