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Meet Pythagoras

Originally uploaded by jbwan

Our new rabbit arrived home yesterday to his newly constructed hutch which I have made 1000% cat proof – I even find it difficult to get into it myself to give him his food and water. His name is Pythagoras but his friends call him Pi for short. πŸ™‚ He’s reasonably friendly at the moment but we’re hoping to get him used to the house and guests so that he can pop in on occasion and meet and greet. George is a wee bit jealous at the moment but as long as Pi stays out of his waterways then the old fish will just get on with it.

3 thoughts on “Meet Pythagoras”

  1. Why is it when I look at this picture, I can only think in baby talk…..”that cute little bunny wunny with big floppy ears is just so cutie wootie”

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