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I awoke this morning to see the entire of my garden covered in a blanket of snow – yes it is April 7th. Momentarily filled with childish glee I starred out over the blank canvas and dappled decking, recalling childhood memories of simpler times. When I was growing up we had a few good snowfalls in the city centre. If you weren’t up and about by 0800h there’d hardly be a car left with snow on it to fuel your arsenal of snowballs. Looking out my windows this morning the cars were still covered and all but the roads were blanketed with snow – where had the children gone? Have things moved on so much from my childhood that kids no longer burst out of their homes at the first sign of snowfall? I would have played myself and thrown snowballs at the neighbours but they might have thought I was losing the run of myself. Boy, it sucks to be an adult!

OK I admit it, I did make one snowball and flung it at the garden wall – you only live once. 🙂

1 thought on “Wonderland”

  1. Woke up this morning at 7am to the screams of scores of kids playing in the snow. They built two snowmen and hurled many snowballs. Nice to see 🙂

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