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Organised Spammers

I have posted on occasion when spammers have made me laugh and today is no exception to that pattern of my behaviour. We are all so used to getting spam in one form or other, be it suspect medications, lottery wins, traditional 419’ers or any other number of things. Today however, there was something new in my inbox – a Google Calendar invite… from a 419 spammer. Don’t tell me that these guys have gotten so busy that they are now scheduling victims of their elaborate scams?

Anyway I got an invite to meet with them in Lagos at 1700h today. Sadly I only got the invite late and couldn’t get a flight to Lagos on time. Plus they were working off Hawaii time for some reason so I definitely missed the meeting. Sorry guys, wasn’t being discourteous just give me a little more time next time around. The e-mail had a proper ics attachment and clicked through to a valid Google Calendar page. Quite frankly I was amazed and also a little impressed that they should go to so much trouble. Anyway guys skype me next time around and you’ll have more chance of catching me. 😉

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