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A campaign has just been launched today, to help support the effort of bringing a university to the South East of Ireland. The South East region of Ireland is dramatically underperforming economically, compared to the rest of the country. With a largely vocational population many people in the region are unaware of what exactly a university means to them, personally. The aim of the FUSE campaign is to help people to understand the need for a university, to understand that a university creates more jobs in the wider community and increases everybody’s standard of living. “A rising tide lifts all boats!”

Today, 120,000 leaflets were distributed in the Irish Independent to bring the message of the campaign to people throughout the country. The first step of any campaign is to create awareness and now it is essential that the message is brought across to the people who matter, that the South East will not rest until it is given regional parity with all other parts of Ireland. Currenly, out-dated government policy and out-dated reports are causing the South East to decline economically – it is not acceptable. Visit the campaign website @ and show your support for your own future and also the future of your children.

Disclaimer: I am a current and active member of the FUSE group.

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