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Facts by the RSA

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This evening while driving home from work I was listening to the Last Word on Today FM, listening to Brian Farrell from the RSA talking about decreasing the alcohol limit for drinking and driving. Providing balance to the debate was a publican from Co. Wexford whom I must say made some excellent points with respect to the futility of reducing the limit by a fraction of a drink when it’s entirely possible that people who are that concerned will not actually get behind the wheel while others will drink way past 2 pints and then drive. Mr. Farrell, of course, then started talking about the statistics and the reports on alochol affecting driver ability. The RSA love to pick out these wonderful reports and statistics whenever they’re chasing a minority group with details from a majority survey. It brought my mind around to thinking that over the last 7 or so years I have been actively campaigning and tackling the issue of discrimination against drivers purely based on age, in particular the discrimination against young drivers. Here Mr. Farrell was again using a generalised population report and statistical analysis to add weight to an argument focussing solely on a minority group. All the statistics in the world won’t change that fact. Just like the young driver issue where it is accurate to say that about 75% of driver deaths on our roads are not caused by the under-25 driver bracket, yet we see no advertising campaigns aimed at anyone else. So, why is it that the RSA seeks only to target minority groups in the grand scheme of a larger problem? Sure drunk drivers will cause accidents, sure young drivers will die but so do many, many more people outside of those particular statistical brackets. I personally think it’s time that we started to demand some action from the RSA and the judiciary that deals with the overall problem of road deaths and not particular scapegoat groupings that are easy to blame for our problems, groupings that are easy to rally support against. When will we start to realise that any life saved on our roads is equally important, whether it be the life of a young driver or a drunk driver or generic human, every life is precious. From now on if the RSA want to be treated seriously in my estimation they should tackle the greater problem and not gain their support through stereotyping classes of driver that don’t apply to the majority using our roads.

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