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Google Docs working in Safari 3

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Just noticed by accident that Google Docs now works in Safari on the Mac, or at least in version 3 of Safari. I know that it didn’t work in version 2 up until a few weeks back but can anyone still running v2 confirm this? Safari 3 is really matching up to what I want from a browser now. However, there are a few small bugbears. For example, GMail doesn’t seem to update automatically any more, i.e. I have to click my inbox link again to see if I have new mail, in addition when I get new mail or read all mail the title bar in the browser doesn’t appear to update to say that I have no more messages, etc. Not really that much of an issue but it’s the little things… 😉

UPDATE: revise that, it works for Docs and Presentations but not Spreadsheets.

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