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Tiger never changes its spots

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Greetings, I’m back writing again after a wee break of moving server with the site. Took me a while to set everything up again and I’ve noticed that I have one or two folk I need to reply to. Apologies for the delay. Anyhow to get the ball rolling on a new era: I see that the good people at Apple have decided that the non-Beta version of Safari 3 should not be contained purely within Leopard and have released the browser upgrade in the OSX update 10.4.11, available now. I have resisted temptation to try out the Beta til now but having just upgraded I have to say that my needs have finally been met. The spellchecker is built into the text fields now, resizable text fields are pretty cool and finally I can bookmark a collection of tabs so that I don’t have to go opening them all again (it’s a pity they didn’t extend this to session management though – Apple are you listening?). However, all in all it looks pretty good and us Tiger folk who haven’t yet splashed out on Leopard can enjoy at least one of the spoils of Leopard life in our procrastination.

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