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I’m Touched

Just over a week ago I celebrated that annual cusp again, my birthday. Little did I know on that day that the goddess of all that are nerdish gizmo gifts (i.e. Siân) would have pre-ordered an 16GB iPod Touch for me. It arrived yesterday and I have to say that I am simply blown away by it. I’ve been a harsh critic of the iPhone and I will remain so because some things just shouldn’t be combined. However, in terms of plain entertainment the Touch is the greatest device on the market. From carefully unpacking the device to connecting to my WiFi network, browsing the web, looking at my gmail, viewing youtube videos with the built-in app, and of course listening to my music there wasn’t a single failing that I could find. My only concern is scratching the beauty of the finish so I best find a suitable cover soon. Other than that nice one Apple for finally listening to my pleas for a touch screen on the iPod since it was released and thanks Siân. 🙂

1 thought on “I’m Touched”

  1. Sorry to hear it went pear shaped later on 🙁

    As for the iPhone, it is the iTouch but you can text and voice-call. If like most music phones they had bastardised the interface then yes, it would be a bad combo, but the iPhone gets it so right.

    Ah well.

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