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O’Mulder and O’Scully

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Yes, the truth is still out there; in Ireland! Just read in the Times this morning that a dossier that was kept by the Irish defence forces for 37 years has been released, including details of UFO sightings around the emerald isle. The most comical entry in the dossier must be a sighting reported by a Garda near a bog in Falcarragh (Co. Donegal), where the report states that he heard a gushing sound, looked up and saw an object flying overhead that looked like a household iron with fins at the back. Only in Ireland could banks identify anyone who benefited from ATM’s that mix up their notes, lose all records of people they overcharge, fail to account for any money that our Taoiseach had, and have a steam iron thrown at a Garda classified as a UFO. 🙂 source: Irish Times

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