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Bertie, Docked

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Yesterday, in the most anticipated docking since the astronauts joined the International Space Station, our beloved Taoiseach finally stepped up at the Mahon Tribunal to answer some questions relating to all this payment scandal that we have been hearing about and funding as tax payers. When it was put to Bertie that he may not have been as forthcoming with information as was possible, he conceded this fact. However, still hiding behind the pain of the act of a marriage separation he tries to block viewing of his affairs from this time. A move that has gained much public support and I’m sure that others are taking notes at the moment as to what works and doesn’t work for covering up periods of your life that you don’t want investigated. Bertie will stand further questioning today but in my honest opinion this is all likely to come to nothing. I can’t really see an outcome whereby Bertie will be publicly shamed and forced to step down if proven to have done wrong. Lots of tax payers money poured into the legal profession who are quite possibly buying themselves retirement islands at this stage. source: Irish Times

On another somewhat related note: I see that Damien has just given a bit of an overhaul. For those of you who don’t know, this is a blog aggregator that gathers posts relating to political items and puts them in one place for you to read. Worth subscribing to if you want the latest from the blogosphere of what’s going on in the life of Bertie or indeed any other TD of your interest. Check it out!

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