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Flock It!

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Now that Steorn have gone and done a nice big bellyflop in the pool of science it’s time to examine another zero-point effect. Flock zero point 9 to be exact. Now Paul Watson installed it recently and he doesn’t appear to like it much. I have to say that I’ve been a big fan of Flock for a while now since Tom Raftery suggested it to me in a presentation he was giving some time back. While comments from Paul suggest that the latest version of Flock is slow and clunky I really have to say that I haven’t noticed it behaving that way. Perhaps because my MacBook is just slightly more shiny and new than Paul’s. 🙂 I’m normally not a fan of fancy graphics and integrated nonsense, give me HiFi separates any day but there’s just something about Flock that really appeals to me. I suppose that I’ll really need a few more days to assess the effect of the latest Flock but so far, so good.

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