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If somebody wrongs you, thank them…

… no actually that’s not right. If somebody wrongs you then you make a complaint and it should be dealt with, especially if they are a professional services company. Sadly this doesn’t appear to be the case for Damien Mulley. Damien’s baggage was lost recently on a flight and he made his complaint to the handling company and naturally, like most of us these days, he blogged his dissatisfaction which he was entirely justified in doing. Now it seems that Damien has had his e-mail details signed up to a number of “dating” sites some of which where allegedly subscribed to from an IP address belonging to the baggage handling company. Suspicious? I know I would be and Damien certainly is. Faeces may well hit the rotary device when this one comes to a head. Best of luck to Damien in his pursuit of justice. source: Damien Mulley

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