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Greena Fail

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Yesterday an agreement was finally reached between the Green Party and Fianna Fail regarding the establishment of a new government. Some good things have been outlined such as increased spending on education that hopefully won’t just go into teacher’s pockets, the department of the environment will be merged with another department with a focus on climate change issues, and Dáil approval for US military flights to land at Shannon (whatever difference that will make). On the down side there’s no talk of abolishing stupid and illegal taxes such as VRT which should be on the Green Party agenda if they want to introduce a carbon tax. No, wait, hang-on… What’s that? Oh my mistake they’ve gotten their carbon tax included in the 5-year draft plan also. Well done lads, further increasing the tax burden on ordinary decent Irish folk. I wonder that now they are in government will they push for small engined cars for ministers, etc? C’mon lads let’s be consistent now. Yes, this truly will be an interesting 5 years ahead with a government that is the most bipolar in, well in living history. Expect high inflation, more taxes, no reform of existing taxes, a shortfall in employment around the 4-year mark and a generally more unhappy Irish public. Also remember however that the Greens are a very small minority in this government. source: Irish Times

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