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Robot Parking

Strange as it may sound, the idea of a robot parking your car is not all that bizarre. The basic idea is that you put your car onto a platform that moves horizontally and vertically around a multistorey carpark. The result is no more ignorant folk who like to bash their doors against yours when getting into their cars and increased car park security as there should never be anybody allowed into the area. It’s mad but I like it and what’s more is that this could soon be coming to Dublin. source: The Register

2 thoughts on “Robot Parking”

  1. I could see this taking off here in Ireland, especially considering that multi-story car parks are sacrificing maneuvering space for additional parking spaces. The VW Autostadt Tower is a good example of automated parking, even if it is only a collection point for new cars.

  2. Absolutely. The more I think about it, the more I think it really is the way ahead. If it was only for the reduction in risk of having your car damaged at the carpark then that would be good enough! 🙂

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