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Fianna Fail – The Bowling for Columbine Version

It’s all about Bertie. Bertie, Bertie, Bertie. Isn’t he so great! Hasn’t he done wonders for the country! I heard about this on the radio recently and went looking for it on YouTube. I hadn’t seen the ad previously but I am shocked at the direction of it. It’s a figgin’ clip show of things that high profile folk have said about Bertie over the years. Far worse than any Michael Moore glossing. While each comment might have been said, combined they make the man sound like a one-man army against all that is wrong in Irish society. Have a tightly woven web, he may do, but Spiderman he is not. See it for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Fianna Fail – The Bowling for Columbine Version”

  1. Jonathan, what struck me about this video is that it really is about yesterdays men, Blair,Clinton and hopefully Ahearn. This electioin broadcast has caused some anger in the Labour Party. Tony Blair as leader of the Labour Party is a member of the Socialist Group in Europe as is the Labour Party here and to be actively campaigning against the Labour Party here has not gone down well. So much for being comrades!! – Seamus

  2. Couldn’t agree more Seamus. I had heard a bit of commotion about it on the radio before tracking it down on YouTube but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As you say, loads of comments from yesterday’s men, all combined to form a super-pro-Bertie advert. Michael Moore at his most editorial wouldn’t have done so well. I can certainly understand the anger this must have caused Labour here also, given the Tony Blair endorsement as you mentioned. I’ve spoken to a few people about this advert now and the general feeling is that it is too self-indulgent to actually come across as a good opinion of Bertie. Hopefully the rest of the electorate will see it for what it is also!

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