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Bullet Dodging

While I collected my thoughts yesterday on the revelations of Sunday (election date for 24th of May, Celia Larkin supposedly receiving GBP 30K from Michael Wall) the rage I already feel for this government has just gotten unbearable. To make matters worse the announcement that the Mahon tribunal would not continue until after the election at the same time that Bertie was coming under increased pressure regarding payments to both himself and also now his ex-partner; this is completely unacceptable. Over the last number of years we have watched while some politicians curl up and die because of controversy. In the UK, rumour of wrongdoing is enough to end a political career. However, for some reason Bertie “the bullet dodger” Ahern seems to always be unscathed after any challenge. Is it because he satisfactorily answers the accusation? No, it’s because people just seem to give up or forget about it. Here we have an election in 3 weeks and a Taoiseach with a chance of re-election who should be answering questions regarding possible corruption but the state tribunal is refusing to put him in that position until after the election. Do the people not deserve a real picture of the man they might be voting for? I’m not saying that he’s guilty but for once I’d really like to see him go through the full inquiry and answer questions in a meaningful manner that would satisfy the public. How can anyone have faith in the democratic process if this is the product?

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