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Alternative Government?

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The results of the latest MRBI poll are out and it makes interesting reading. Support for Fianna Fáil is down and support for Fine Gael is up, in fact the swing is so much that if Labour, Fine Gael and the Greens get together then they are currently 10 points ahead of the government parties in terms of popularity. Perhaps this will make them wake up. All the main figures of the government have lost popularity but especially so, Michael McD who dropped a massive 12 points to 32 percent. Can’t say that I’m surprised about that. With this swing in the popularity stakes I wonder has the general public all but had it with the current set of government TDs. Is it as Labour say, “Time for a change”? Perhaps it’s time for Today FM to bring out another lovable, cuddly Bertie sketch so that his popularity will rise again? I think that all the young people of this country should remember how the Taoiseach regarded them with respect to choosing the election day and make a concerted effort to get off work or be at home so that they can respond in kind. I’m not saying who you should vote for but for God’s sake, get some self-respect and don’t vote for somebody who constantly ignores your needs! source: Irish Times

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