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Your County Needs You!

Many thanks to Wellboy from UpTheDeise for alerting me to this. The Monopoly crew are looking for votes on what counties should make it onto the new all-Ireland monopoly board. However, only 22 of the 32 counties will be allowed so vote now or your county will be forever, forgotten. Naturally I’m voting for Waterford and so should you. No other county offers so much in terms of beach, sea, river, mountain, city and countryside. It’s deserving of the purple tab on the Monopoly board. Vote now! source:

UPDATE: Striking this post until Hasbro Ireland make the voting process completely transparent rather than making it a blind vote for the last week of the campaign.

1 thought on “Your County Needs You!”

  1. Here here!

    I might also remind people that Waterford is also the home of Hasbro Ireland Ltd. and has been since 1976 (when it was known as MB Games). Given that Hasbro are the makers of the Monopoly board game, it would be unacceptable that Waterford not be in the top 22.

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