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Sheryl Crow proposes wipe-out!

Yes, Sheryl Crow is proposing a wipe-out! A wipe-out of using too much toilet paper to wipe yours out, that is. In an attempt to curb global warming Ms Crow is suggesting a limit to the number of sheets of toilet paper that should be used per sitting (yes, I did say sitting and not in a Sean Connery accent). No doubt you’ll agree that this very touching subject has some substance to it. Okay enough puns.

Whilst I may chuckle at the intro, this topic is something that interests me. I see so many products in the supermarket, in the line of ass-wiping material, that one has to wonder exactly what we think we are? Personally I am of the opinion that luxury fit for a king, quilted like a duvet, soft as a kitten and friendly as a puppy are simply worrying depictions of people’s mindsets. Just how much pain to these people think that tissue paper can inflict on the average human? Why on earth would you want to wipe-up with a new born puppy or kitten? Have you ever picked up your duvet and said, “hmm, I wonder, just maybe…”? Furthermore the price of these products, you might as well pull out a five Euro note and go for it. Yes, I’m with Sheryl on this one, use less and don’t pay more. You wouldn’t flush your wallet down the pipes, would you? Picked up via the Register. source: Sheryl Crow : Sheryl Blog

2 thoughts on “Sheryl Crow proposes wipe-out!”

  1. I’m going to regret being drawn into this but…

    I agree that to some degree certain toilet papers are the equivalent of five blade razors, but there is a happy medium somewhere too – we all know the trauma of having to deal with that shiny stuff that looks like the edible paper I used to buy when I was young – certain pubs who obviously loathe their clientèle insist on using it.

  2. No fear Frank, this blog is one of embraced opinions. 😉 I don’t think that I’ve ever come across the shiny, rice paper material that you refer to (thank God me thinks to myself). We must have publicans that hold their customers in high regard down here in Waterford. I did encounter a disturbing single-ply offering when traveling through Hungary at one stage (shudder). Funny, when I woke up this morning I didn’t think that I’d be discussing toilet paper. Oh well, some days just work out better than you expect! 🙂

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