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Happy Birthday Spectrum

Today marks the 25th birthday of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Containing a monster 48K of RAM and providing beautifully crafted rubber keys, this computer was the envy of every Beach-Head player. About 1990 I got my first Spectrum, a 128 with the tape drive built-in rather than the separates system offered by Commodore. To be truthful though this wasn’t a Sinclair as Amstrad had bought out the name and you could see the Amstrad CPC styling creeping into the chassis, very much like the 6128+. I have to say that it was still probably the most enjoyable computer I have owned (memory obscured by youthful and impressionable mindset at the time 🙂 ). It was a good machine apart from the rage provoking “R tape loading error” that would often appear during the last seconds of a game that took 20 minutes to read in. Never-the-less Happy Birthday Speccy! source: Slashdot

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